{E} PORTARE is a company with Brazilian roots and Italian soul specializing in the creation and marketing of genuine leather bags. In our collection, we think of bags with a modern design and that have inclusive functionality, thinking about using them even with a wheelchair.

Brasileña Lingerie is an underwear brand focused on pieces for real women. The design is inspired by tailoring cuts, to provide comfort, usability and sensuality. In the collections we launched together, the idea is to bring functionality to as many people as possible, because every woman deserves to feel amazing.


Believing that the fashion world leaves something to be desired when we talk about humanized fashion, inclusion and transparency, AMAR.TE emerged from the desire to walk our path with these pillars as values.

Through our pieces, we intend to break a barrier created since the beginning between people looking for something that values ​​them without feeling the need to change something in themselves to adapt to the aesthetic standards imposed by society.



Inspiring pieces that bring trends of the season, designed in the multifunctionality of looks. News and looks for all occasions.