We curate fashion with diversity in mind. Pick your product straight from your favourite brand. We do all te work for you.

We believe that fashion is a transformation tool. And we translate this into the curatorial format. We indicate the main inclusive solutions: whether they are designed by us, within our own brand, or by brands we recommend.

But, why curate fashion with diversity in mind? We answer in a very simple way: because everyone gets dressed. Fashion is a tool that reaches 100% of people.

Each product needs to make sense, have a purpose and work for everyone. For this reason, different perspectives build each review that we publish – to represent in a more real and plural way who are the people that we reach, with representation always on focus.

SB Shop

A brand focused on inclusive solutions through fashion, which acts in 4 different areas:

Space for courses, talks and production of educational materials with the values of diversity and inclusion.

Creation of own pieces, joining brands, signed by SB.

Collaborations with designers to create inclusive pieces partnering with the brand.

We believe in educating, to offer the fashion industry a new look at the market.

Our Collabs

Brasileña Lingerie is an underwear brand focused on pieces for real women. The design is inspired by tailoring cuts, to provide comfort, usability and sensuality. In the collections we launched together, the idea is to bring functionality to as many people as possible, because every woman deserves to feel amazing[BUY NOW]


Inspiring pieces that bring trends of the season, designed in the multifunctionality of looks. News and looks for all occasions.


{E} PORTARE is a company with Brazilian roots and Italian soul specializing in the creation and marketing of genuine leather bags. In our collection, we think of bags with a modern design and that have inclusive functionality, thinking about using them even with a wheelchair[BUY NOW]

AMAR.TE Inspiring pieces that bring trends of the season, designed in the multifunctionality of looks. News and looks for all occasions[BUY NOW]

Featured Products

Our SB Fashion Show at London Represents

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London Represents

The Most Exciting and Representative Fashion Event in London This Year!

We have hosted and organised over 100 fashion events in London since 2011. We have always aimed to be inclusive and representative of the broad diversity of London society with the catwalk models who have walked for us. Our models are of every colour and background, plus-size and slim, wheelchair and disabled models, transgender and non-binary.

Bullock Inclusion

Bullock Inclusion is our CIC (Community Interest Company), that is benefitting the community by promoting inclusion through fashion, physical activities and sports. At this moment, our main project is #SBChallenge, created for a more representative fashion and to create your own magazine cover. We reached 500,000 people impressions and continue counting.